Reliable Connectivity Between 'Things' in Your IoT Solution

Our IoT technology makes it easier to connect, develop, deploy and manage your IoT application or get started with a comprehensive, smart lighting control solution.

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Synapse Wireless is proud to be a part of the McWane family of companies.

SimplySNAP Smart Lighting Controls Solution

You should not worry about whether or not your lighting controls system is functioning as it should or if you'll have to replace outdated equipment sooner rather than later. We've made it easier for you to integrate, expand, comply and optimize lighting controls, click below.

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Taking the Complexity Out of the IoT

Take advantage of our decade of experience and expertise by perusing the pages in this section. You'll discover more about how SNAP®: the Things Platform is the right fit for your commercial IoT application and the many different ways organizations use our robust IoT building blocks to take their business to the next level, click below.

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