Synapse Portal: Wireless Application Development Environment

Synapse Portal

Wireless Application Development Environment

Synapse’s Portal is an interactive, wireless application development environment that runs on Windows, Linux or MAC (beta). Users develop applications using a syntax-highlighted Python editor to create scripts to wirelessly download into SNAP nodes. Portal supports a fast, real time view of your SNAP network, configuration and monitoring of your devices, a channel analyzer, data and event logging, and more.

  • Comprehensive administration tool for
    SNAP® networks
  • Participates as a full-fledged peer on
    the network
  • Runs on Windows (2000, XP, Vista), Linux or MAC (beta)
  • Syntax-highlighted Python™ editor for developing SNAPpy™ scripts
  • Invoke (RPC) script functions on any device
    in network
  • Remote nodes can invoke (RPC) scripts
    within Portal
  • Channel analyzer to find ideal channel
    for network
  • Event Log with timestamps and filtering
  • Graphical Data Logger
  • Node configuration editor
  • Channel scanner to detect new or un-configured nodes
  • Connect to SNAP Connect over Internet or TCP/IP LAN


Portal can be downloaded from our Customer Forum.



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