Lighting Controls

Why Lighting Control Systems?

Lighting represents close to 30 percent of a commercial building's electric load — roughly 10 percent of a building's operating costs. The transition to energy-saving LED lighting further benefits from adding lighting controls to provide increased direct energy savings and a higher ROI for any LED installation. Controls provide tangible benefits by:

  • Improving lighting energy efficiency
  • Saving energy costs
  • Addressing local and federal energy conservation codes (both mandatory requirements and voluntary best practices)
  • Qualifying for numerous rebates and incentives promoting energy-efficient light control

Why Synapse Wireless Lighting Control Systems?

Watch our team explain how controls can make a BIG difference.

With the power of Synapse Wireless Lighting Control systems, you can control thousands of the next-generation of LED lights from the palm of your hand. Lower operating costs and increase energy efficiencies for all of your offices and industrial facilities with our wireless lighting network. Our solutions use SNAP® — the Network and Application Platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) — to control and manage lights using a common wireless infrastructure that other IoT solutions can leverage. Our key features include:

  • Greater LED energy conservation and savings
  • New retrofit control applications that would be cost prohibitive with wired controls
  • Simplicity of installation and commissioning
  • Dynamic changes without modifying the electrical wiring
  • Automatic response based on dynamically defined conditions
  • More granular fixture-level control
  • Non-stop utility-grade monitoring
  • More centralized and scalable control
  • Demand Response and load shedding enablement
  • Network and hub for intelligent building controls and IoT connected devices
  • Built-in software upgradability to support future functionality

Synapse Lighting Control Solutions

The flexibility of our wireless lighting control solutions makes it easy to support your installations — whether it’s a single space or multiple facilities, indoor or outdoor applications, granular control of individual fixtures or banks of lights — Synapse has you covered.

Our on-site solution is ideal for smaller installations, requires no Internet and has no recurring software fee. Our easy installation and commissioning tool automatically pulls MAC addresses from each fixture directly into the user interface — making setup simple and seamless.

Differentiated Product Capabilities and Results

Our award-winning technology can provide less than a two-year payback, with an annual savings of up to $110 per fixture. What makes our solution unique is the use of our SNAP Operating System (OS), which provides a self-healing mesh network, enabling proven and unparalleled scalability and flexibility. Synapse is an established wireless lighting controls provider and leads the marketplace with:

  • Extremely low-cost per endpoint
  • Our SNAP mesh network, enabling scalability and flexibility to control individual fixtures or entire banks of lights
  • Support for the widest range of dimming indoor/outdoor drivers and ballasts
  • The only integrated indoor and outdoor lighting control platform in the marketplace
  • Faster and easier installation and commissioning
  • Integration-friendly design that works with ZigBee®, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and other protocols
  • Control options via web browsers, smart devices, and sensors
  • Over-the-air software updates

Success Stories

  • General Motors — SNAP lighting helps ensure high-quality vehicles come off the line at GM factories.
  • McWane Ductile — Synapse lighting controls help industrial leader achieve savings and gain efficiencies.

News & Awards

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