SNAP Thing Services

Over the years, Synapse has created many of our own IoT solutions as well as assisted our customers in creating their solutions. In that time we've developed a set of best practices to solving common problems with the Things. SNAP Thing Services captures these best practices in a software suite built to run on IoT gateways in order to solve common problems such as edge network health, IoT device installation, IoT device software management and data collection from the edge to the cloud. 

SNAP Thing Services presents a variety of interfaces so that you can leverage your existing software development skill set. The Web UI allows you to intuitively upgrade IoT devices, view edge network topology and link quality and setup data collection. The REST API exposes all of the same functions for remote programmatic control. Data from the nodes is sent upstream via MQTT.

SNAP Thing Services is available for FREE download to your SNAPconnect Gateway for a limited set of nodes. Contact your Sales Representative for full support pricing details.

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