SNAP Connect E10

Synapse's SNAP Connect E10 is a powerful, industrial-class, embedded Linux computer running SNAP Connect.

The E10 provides a fast, seamless connection between any SNAP network to any other network running TCP/IP and other standard protocols. It even connects multiple SNAP networks together transparently across the Internet.  This model of SNAP Connect Internet Gateway supports USB 1.1.  If you're interested in USB 2.0 support, check out our SNAP Connect E20 Internet Gateway now.

Get the SLE10M-001 SNAP Connect E10 Internet Gateway now through Arrow, Digi-Key Electonics and Future Electronics.

Click here to compare with our SNAP Connect E20 Internet Gateway.

SNAP Connect E10 Application Diagram


  • LAN and WAN remote administration using Synapse Portal
  • Linux OS and network services fully available
  • USB 2.0 host port for Wi-Fi, cell modems, mass storage, etc.
  • 2.4 GHz operation with international transmit power levels and up to 2Mbps radio rate


  • Control and monitor a SNAP Network from your own PC and/or applications
  • Monitor and update your SNAP network from almost anywhere

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