RF Modules

Our surface mount and through-hole wireless modules feature over the air interoperability, can be easily integrated with existing SNAP mesh networks and offer multiple antenna options to ensure a reliable signal.

These robust components can be configured quickly using the reliable SNAP OS.  The SNAP OS makes it easy for you to implement and scale your wireless application, leaving the 'hard' part of creating an IoT network to us.

Our RF module products are small in size, offer low level power consumption and simplify over the air upgrades.  We even offer a unique RF Module, internally dubbed the 'SNAP Bridge'; it's a flexibile RF Module that can also be used for Prototyping. Check out this unique module, officially called the SNAP Stick SS200, by clicking here.

See the comparison

Download the RF Module Comparison Chart (PDF)

Surface Mount Modules

  • Synapse SM220UF1
  • Synapse SM200P81

Through Hole Modules

  • Synapse RF220UF1
  • Synapse RF200PD1
  • Synapse RF200PF1
  • Synapse RF200P81
  • Synapse RF200PU1
  • Synapse RF266PC1
  • Synapse RF266PU1
  • Synapse RF300PD1

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