RF Modules

Our surface mount and through-hole wireless modules are used  by thousands of technology developers and engineers who are looking for a faster way to implement their IoT solution.   They know that Synapse RF Modules only require one step to become SNAP network ready.  Simply power on the modules and by default, they are automatically capable of performing SNAP mesh routing features.

Each surface mount and through-hole wireless module can be paired with multiple antenna options, ensuring greater and more reliable signal strength.  In addition, the RF modules can be upgraded and reprogrammed over the air.

The quick configuration and signal reliability are possible because of the SNAP OS.  The SNAP OS makes it easy for you to implement and scale your wireless application, leaving the 'hard' part of creating an IoT solution to us.

Our RF module products are small in size, offer low level power consumption and can be placed within third party enclosures.

See the comparison

Download the RF Module Comparison Chart (PDF)

Surface Mount Modules

  • Synapse SM220UF1
  • Synapse SM200P81

Through Hole Modules

  • Synapse RF220UF1
  • Synapse RF200PD1
  • Synapse RF200PF1
  • Synapse RF200P81
  • Synapse RF200PU1
  • Synapse RF220SU
  • Synapse RF266PC1

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