Lighting Accessories

Synapse provides lighting accessories to complement our wireless solutions. From sensors to switches to commissioning tools, we’ll provide you what you need to get your installations set up seamlessly with the flexibility to manage at a granularity down to the individual fixture or groups of lights.

LightSense Indoor Motion and Light Sensor

For wireless detection of ambient lighting conditions and occupancy. (Requires SNAP Lighting Cloud Service).

The SNAP LightSense should be installed in any indoor location where motion or light detection is needed. This unit has a passive infrared sensor that detects movement within a defined area by sensing the infrared energy emitted from a body as it moves through the sensor’s field of view. Additionally, a light sensor on the device detects the presence of light in the environment where installed and can be effectively used for daylight harvesting techniques.

When installed, the LightSense will operate as a part of a SNAP wireless mesh network. This network allows the sensor to transmit signals to other sensors within the network or to a system base unit. The device is battery powered, and the battery voltage is monitored internally.

SNAP® Switch

SNAP® Switch (LP301-001) is a wall-mounted, wireless, on/off or dimmer switch for local control of an individual or group of lighting fixtures. SNAP Switch is part of Synapse’s SNAP Lighting Cloud Service, an Internet-enabled, wireless remote control and monitoring service for secure indoor or outdoor lighting applications.

These low-cost, remote control switches are easy to install and can be grouped or invoked together, such as when an alarm event occurs. With fast performance, there is no latency from when you touch a switch to when the lighting system responds — it’s instantaneous.

Installer mode allows confirmation of proper connections without the need to access the cloud.

Contact our Lighting team today to learn more about how Synapse Wireless can design a solution to meet your facility’s needs. For additional resources and education, please view our supporting documentation and videos.

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